What happens at a Boudoir Portrait Session

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What happens at a boudoir portrait session

The artistic process of Boudoir Portraits

boudoir-portrait-sessionEvery portrait or drawing is a collaboration between myself as the artist and you the model. It is completely natural to arrive feeling nervous  – you’re unlikely to have considered doing this before!

So first, we just relax & chat over a cup of something hot or glass of bubbly, exploring what you’ve brought along to wear and some ideas for poses. Normally I draw a couple of quick ten minute poses – and a longer study (up to three hours) in the afternoon.

No two experiences are entirely alike and whilst I do have a signature style, the exact outcome of the study cannot always be prescribed. This is the creative process and has many influencing factors. That’s part of the excitement!

What to wear

Louboutin heels, sexy lingerie, exotic hat or whatever else captures your imagination and makes you feel great – bring your Pandora’s Box to explore!

The accoutrements, detail and colour accents add interest and personal narratives and sometimes a seductive humour.

What surprises clients is just how relaxing the whole session turns out to be. It’s totally private – a time to contemplate, a time to laugh, a time to celebrate who you are and express your inner diva and sensual self!

Life is so fast and pressured. It’s a precious moment to pause, relax and be centre-stage in your own original artwork.


Boudoir Portrait Commissions

what-happensWhether this is a gift for someone special, to yourself or a commissioned portrait of your loved one – to celebrate and capture the sensual beauty of you and who you want to be in this timeless way, is the most poignant and intimate statement you can make.

Private commissions drawn in my studio start from £750.  Please contact me to discuss your boudoir portrait.

Limited edition prints of your portrait printed on fine art paper and brushed aluminium panels and/or framing of your drawings can be discussed and ordered by request.


Of course, confidentiality is key and the identity of whoever I draw and paint is always protected and secrets kept secret!

Copyright of the artwork is always owned by the artist (the work will be professionally photographed for the artists’ records), but commissions will never be reproduced or published unless agreed in contract with the client.

Stories on this website of real-life sessions have been shared with the models permission. Some names have been changed – they just wanted to share their experience with others.

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