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Amazing... the UK government has never valued their arts and culture sectors adequately. We do not currently qualify for any self-employment grants unless already superstars! 😤…

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Wedding Boudoir Portrait

Celebrating your Special day forever…..

You are getting married, making a wonderful commitment. Planning to be the most beautiful and memorable you can look and feel and allow your family and loved ones to celebrate this moment with you.

You will have your incredible day and what you keep forever are your memories!

But how do you honour this huge moment in a timeless way which celebrates your love and your radiant and sensual beauty and which will never fade? Either as a gift to your partner-to-be or to yourself, commissioning a drawn wedding boudoir portrait by renowned London artist Skye Holland is a unique, intimate and totally transformational experience.

Bride-as-SirenYou will be centre-stage in your own classic but stylish artwork and can choose how you want to be seen and what you wish to wear… sexy wedding lingerie, shoes, veil, bouquet… it’s your Pandora’s Box of secrets to be shared with whoever you choose!

Spend a day of precious “me time” a few weeks before your big day in Skye’s southwest London studio modelling for your portrait. Sip champagne and recline on her vintage chaise-long whilst she captures your beauty and essence.

I was so happy, and amazed at how much detail had been captured in the drawing. Now I can’t wait for it to be framed and thank my husband-to-be so much for this unique, one of a kind gift.

Boudoir portraiture is an age-old artistic tradition reserved for aristocratic women, famous “ladies of the night” and artistic performers. Skye Holland has created a contemporary twist on this idea celebrating modern women who want to own their sexiness and share this as the ultimate luxurious and intimate gift.


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To find out more about commissioning a boudoir portrait to celebrate your special day, contact Skye.

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