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Amazing... the UK government has never valued their arts and culture sectors adequately. We do not currently qualify for any self-employment grants unless already superstars! 😤…

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Sarah’s story


When my husband returned from a charity auction and told me that he had purchased a Boudoir Portrait experience that he would like me to have drawn as a gift for his 50th birthday, I was understandably quite surprised.

Had he suggested this 20 years ago, I don’t think I would have been in any way phased. However as a 47 year old whose body has perhaps seen some better days, I was slightly nervous.

Following a number of conversations with Skye and a somewhat indulgent trip to Myla, I decided to book a day off work and arranged my session.

Skye asked me to bring any clothes and accessories that I wanted included in the picture, so I did … a pair of red silk Louboutins and a selection of hats (my passion), along with my Myla purchases, were duly presented.


A contemplative moment…

We spent some time chatting and trying out some poses – Skye made sure that I was comfortable with the pose that I struck, and then she began her drawing. At times during the session we chatted, other times we had a contemplative silence, but at all times she completely put me at my ease.

We enjoyed a lovely healthy lunch, a bottle of bubbles and managed to put the world to rights before we returned to the drawing. Skye completed 2 drawings during the day and both were amazing – she made me feel proud of my body, even though it isn’t quite the perfect ‘airbrushed’ figure that we all see in every magazine.

I cannot think of a better gift for my husband – even if he did pay for it himself!  I would recommend this for any lady – Skye made me feel incredibly special, the pictures are me, but they are the me that only my husband will see!



Sarah is a glamorous, gregarious and high flying executive working in the city. I knew her husband was keen to include a hat in her portrait, as he had bid for the boudoir portrait at a charity auction and I had initial contact with him.

He sent me a beautiful photo of Sarah wearing an amazing hat at Ascot.  I immediately thought of Toulouse Lautrec and his lithographs of burlesque ladies of Parisian nightclubs and thought this would be a great idea.

When I greeted her outside my studio, she unloaded from her car no less than 4 beautiful Phillip Treacy hat boxes (clearly her passion!) and several boxes of sexy Louboutin shoes.

These alongside her bags of gorgeous Myla lingerie and her fresh and elegant up-do informed me I had my work cut out!!

I wanted to draw Sarah in a slightly  tongue-in-cheek suggestive pose – with the hat, the lingerie and the red silk Louboutins a nod to the Lautrec inspiration.  This alongside trying to capture her warmth and sensual beauty was a considerable challenge in one day.

I took some photos which helped me with some detail to work on after Sarah had gone.  This doesn’t always happen, but you can’t always predict the timing of these things!

We loved the final drawings….   one a quick 15 minute drawing and the other a 3 hour drawing of the same pose.  Sarah has chosen to frame both for her husband as they have differing and complimentary qualities. One smart and lucky man!

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