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Marianne’s story


DSC_0191I would highly recommend Skye Holland’s Boudoir Portraits. Taking off your clothes in front of someone you barely know can be an intimidating experience but Skye made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Before we started, she talked me through what she was planning to do over a glass of Prosecco which really helped put me at ease.

We started by trying out a few shorter poses for the quicker sketches. We then settled on a pose that I could comfortably keep for a bit longer for the more detailed drawing.

When Skye told me I could have my first glimpse at the drawings I was not sure what to expect. I was completely blown away! Skye had captured me in a way I had always hoped to be seen.

The boudoir pictures were sexy, intimate and spontaneous.

I was so thrilled with the finished pieces and so excited to show my partner. In addition to walking away with a  beautiful and totally unique piece of art, I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with Skye. She is charming, easy to talk to and helped me find a confidence in my body that, if I’m honest, I sometimes lack.


Marianne entered my studio clearly a bit nervous.  I’m pretty experienced by now at understanding this straight away, doing my best to calm her nerves – a glass of bubbly, a bit of laughter and chatting about the process and the day ahead usually does the trick.

But nothing quite like holding a slightly uncomfortable pose for more than 5-10 minutes in heels – it’s amazing how the focus shifts from anything which feels challenging emotionally to becoming a physical challenge!

For one of the shorter poses, she tipped her head back and her beautiful thick mane of curly dark hair fell cascaded down her back and her arching neckline was exquisite – I had to capture that in a matter of seconds as it was definitely not a pose you could hold for any length of time.

The resulting 10 minute drawing, to my happy amazement did absolutely catch that arch and the movement.

Her nerves had long since dissolved, and once she’d seen the final drawings seemed genuinely moved and really happy about how she looked in this unselfconscious and natural pose.

That bit always gives me such a buzz, the transformational thing when ease and confidence replace the nerves and my model walks out taller and with a smile to light up the world!

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