Lisa's story | The Boudoir Portraits

Amazing... the UK government has never valued their arts and culture sectors adequately. We do not currently qualify for any self-employment grants unless already superstars! 😤…

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Lisa’s story

Lisa's story | The Boudoir PortraitsLisa

When Skye Holland first asked me to pose for her, I was a bit reluctant. Six years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which had resulted in a Mastectomy. Although this surgery probably saved my life, it strips you of your femininity and all that makes you a woman…

Having spent the day with Skye at her studio, my feelings of apprehension quickly vanished; she made me feel very relaxed, with her calm nature. We discussed and planned each drawing together, I enjoyed every moment of it…

Skye has captured me and my essence with her talented artwork and this picture is a celebration of my journey.

I am all woman and I am feminine!

And I Thank You Skye…


I attended Lisa’s body conditioning classes at my gym and was totally inspired by this 40 something sexy and attractive woman with great energy, clearly fit and quite a tough “just do it” attitude!

I thought she would be amazing to draw and approached her after a class. I was building my first portfolio of boudoir portraits and instinctively felt I had to ask her! She wasn’t immediately comfortable with the idea but open-minded enough to agree to meet me for a coffee and learn more.

Once we were face to face over a cup of coffee, I chatted about the approach I took, what was involved and how the whole Boudoir Portraits project had developed. She also studied my website and other drawn portraits. It took the edge off the whole thing sounding anything other than what it is – tasteful and classic.

Lisa was curious and asked to think about it. I know she is okay with me sharing the confidential news she told me – that her discomfort was not around her shyness to don her heels and strut her stuff with her lovely and sexy lingerie – but about the fact that she had been through a frightening experience with breast cancer – and survived. But not without bearing a life-saving mastectomy and a reconstruction.

LisaShe got back to me quite quickly and told me excitedly that she’d thought about it and wanted to go ahead.

We set up a day, and she arrived with her bag full of lovely things to wear and try as combinations – and we settled on a couple of poses.

The drawings were quite bold and graphic – very expressive and quick lines and marks which captured her curves and sexiness without focussing on too much detail. But it captured her sensuousness amazingly, the worries she had about baring all, and any fears around revealing her scarring or the way she felt about her body – seemed to vanish.

We had great fun with the poses and drawing – sharing a bottle of bubbly and listening to chill music relaxed her. Eventually, the gorgeous bustiere she had initially worn was slung aside and she decided she wanted to bare a side angle of her profile. She is gorgeous and feminine and I was happy that she seemed so comfortable.

The results were great and I think she really appreciated them as she framed two and gave them to her fabulous, loving and supportive partner for his 50th as a surprise.

Her courage was and is an inspiration to me….and importantly made me understand how this process can help people face any negative or traumatic body image or identity issues they may have head on… and beat them through this exciting and (literally) revealing process! I am so grateful and happy I had the opportunity. Lisa isn’t at my gym anymore…. I still miss her tough classes!!

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