Frank & Ginny's story | The Boudoir Portraits

Amazing... the UK government has never valued their arts and culture sectors adequately. We do not currently qualify for any self-employment grants unless already superstars! 😤…

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Frank & Ginny’s story

Frank & Ginny's story | The Boudoir Portraits


I bought the Boudoir Portrait for my wife at the Christmas Charity Lunch because I felt it would make a wonderful change from the usual signed Rugby shirts and Cricket bats.

My wife was delighted when I told her and was really looking forward to the sitting.  Skye was really helpful with advice before the sitting which made it that much easier.

The final portrait is just fantastic – it really captures my wife’s sensuousness but in a totally relaxed and professional way.  This is a great way to celebrate a relationship.


On the day I was warmly greeted by Skye on arrival and made to feel at ease throughout the day. Within 10 minutes of Skye warming up, two beautiful drawings, each capturing their own uniqueness had been done.  For my final drawing, I was so relaxed the time just flew by and before I knew it, I was shown the end result, the final drawing.

I was so happy, and amazed at how much detail had been captured in the drawing.  Now I can’t wait for it to be framed and thank my husband so much for this unique, one of a kind gift.

The day was such a beautiful, fun filled experience that I will treasure fondly.

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To enquire about boudoir portraits as gift for the special person in your life contact Skye Holland. Her studio is located in South West London.

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