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Amazing... the UK government has never valued their arts and culture sectors adequately. We do not currently qualify for any self-employment grants unless already superstars! 😤…

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Frank & Ginny’s story

Frank & Ginny's story | The Boudoir Portraits

I bought the Boudoir Portrait for my wife at the Christmas Charity Lunch because I felt it would make a wonderful change from the usual signed Rugby shirts and Cricket bats… → Read more

Lisa’s story

Lisa's story | The Boudoir Portraits

When Skye Holland first asked me to pose for her, I was a bit reluctant. Six years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which had resulted in a Mastectomy. Although this surgery probably saved my life, it strips you of your femininity and all that makes you a woman… → Read more

Sarah’s story


When my husband returned from a charity auction and told me that he had purchased a Boudoir Portrait experience that he would like me to have drawn as a gift for his 50th birthday, I was understandably quite surprised… → Read more

Marianne’s story

Marianne's story | The Boudoir Portraits

I would highly recommend Skye Holland’s Boudoir Portraits. Taking off your clothes in front of someone you barely know can be an intimidating experience but Skye made me feel comfortable and relaxed… → Read more

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