Mail on Sunday: Liz Jones | The Boudoir Portraits

Pink Moon II, 100cm x 100 cm Indian ink on Arches watercolour paper. Sometimes things just resonate…

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Mail on Sunday: Liz Jones

Mail on Sunday: Liz Jones

‘Will these drawings show that I am a sexual person rather than a sorry excuse for a woman?’: Liz Jones bares (almost) all for a body-confidence-boosting session

Artist Skye Holland’s intimate hand-drawn boudoir portraits are a tasteful way to celebrate a life milestone, or to win back body confidence. But just how much is Liz Jones ready to reveal?

So, I am in what must be my worst nightmare. I’m wearing sexy lingerie, beneath a sheer negligee, no less. I am standing up. I’m in broad daylight.

I am posing, not just for a (female) photographer, but for an artist, who is drawing me.

I’m having to hold my poses for between 20 and 40 minutes, which is agony.

mailonsunday2I feel like bacteria under a microscope.

‘That’s a great pose, stay like that, you look beautiful!’ says the artist, Skye Holland, who is standing a few feet away, at an easel, using little stubs of charcoal. ‘Your boyfriend is going to love this.’

The reason I’m being drawn, in three different poses as a sort of triptych of awkwardness, given I have a phobia about mirrors, photographs and sexy underwear (I favour Hanro sensible pants and vests), is that the number of women posing for boudoir portraits (not necessarily naked but in undies, usually on a chaise longue) has rocketed.

I can’t think why anyone would be so vain as to want their portrait drawn or painted (I’ve only ever taken two selfies, both under duress, for work purposes), but Skye tells me differently.

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