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Pink Moon II, 100cm x 100 cm Indian ink on Arches watercolour paper. Sometimes things just resonate…

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The Perfect Intimate Wedding Gift


Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift to honour your partner to be?

Another bride-to-be Olivia chose to be drawn in her exquisite silk designer bridal nightgown.

Marriage remains the ultimate and sacred celebration of love and commitment two people can make to each other.

I was recently commissioned to draw a Boudoir Portrait of a bride as a unique and intimate wedding gift to her groom to celebrate their marriage.

The bride-to-be feels vulnerable, excited, apprehensive as she arrives at my studio.

Whatever little tucked away fears about being anything less than picture-perfect for her groom (not to mention all those photos!) on their special day evaporate as she takes centerstage in her portrait sitting in several poses.

Like a lot of brides, Luisa had lost some weight lost some weight leading up to her wedding – wanting to feel perfect in her beautiful gown and wedding lingerie.

She chose to commission a Boudoir Portrait as a perfect way to capture her renewed sensuous and radiant beauty in a timeless and unique way.

“I came to Skye for a picture which would reflect the transition I have been going through and celebrating the changes I’ve made le viagra en ligne.

Working with her helped me to see my body through someone else’s eyes, removing the critical veil that I see myself through.

The experience was very organic and collaborative. I chose to be drawn because I wanted a very special piece of art for my soon-to-be-husband’s enjoyment”.

Luisa brought along her wedding lingerie – a beautiful filmy veil, ivory silk shoes with glittering crystals embellishing the high-heels.

She looked pretty and sensuous. Champagne and relaxing music quickly calmed her nerves – and with a couple of quick sketches, she was thoroughly enjoying herself – any self-conscious worries quickly evaporated!

I wasted no time in focussing in on capturing her feminine curves, capturing her slight vulnerability and all that hope and excitement in lines and shaded tones with the charcoal and pigment.

I worked through the day, the longer pose in the afternoon was of Luisa resting on a vintage chaise-long.

Bridal boudoir portrait with bouquet Bridal boudoir portrait with bouquet

Luisa’s words about her final drawings are very touching for me. It is such a privilege and a gift doing what I do, as well as amazing to meet and get to know so many wonderful people in my studio!

“I now have two beautiful pieces of art which capture a very precious moment in time – the transition to loving and celebrating my body as a gift to a man I am about to marry.”

What more perfect and most intimate wedding gift could honour your partner-for-life-to-be?

Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendant Bride-to-be!!... with a tiny cheeky red bow on her knickers! Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendant Bride-to-be!!… with a tiny cheeky red bow on her knickers!

There are many ideas out there, but this wedding gift is unusual, luxuriously classic and uniquely you to celebrate your precious moment.

Of course, it could be a gift the Groom wants to make for himself. What can be more alluring than the sight of his beautiful bride captured in a classic drawing in her wedding lingerie as his first waking sight every day?

As another idea, the couple could be drawn together in an artwork. There are so many possibilities which make every Boudoir Portrait do different and personal.

Visit the Boudoir Portraits gallery to see other examples of recent commissions, find out about having a Wedding Boudoir Portrait or contact Skye Holland to discuss your unique Boudoir Portrait as a wedding gift.

The bride-to-be’s name has been changed to protect her anonymity.

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