The Boudoir Portraits by Skye Holland

Amazing... the UK government has never valued their arts and culture sectors adequately. We do not currently qualify for any self-employment grants unless already superstars! 😤…

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About Skye

Every drawing is a unique expression of sensuous self-worth and beauty, treasured in a fine artwork and shared only with those you choose.


Skye HollandHello! I am Skye Holland, a contemporary artist and founder of The Boudoir Portraits.

My artistic career has spanned 30 years, traversing between London, New York and South Africa, exhibiting and selling my own artwork, and combining business with art working as an art consultant for blue chip companies.

I’d like to share my story about how The Boudoir Portraits came to be.

The inspiration for The Boudoir Portraits.

The Emmanuelle Collection | The Boudoir PortraitsMy lovely daughter visited my studio one day and asked me to draw a portrait of herself (naked in this instance!) as a gift to her partner for a special birthday.

She saw this as the most intimate, private and precious thing she could give him. She framed it sumptuously, and it hangs in pride of place in their ‘boudoir’ – for their eyes only.

I have always loved drawing people and I saw that creating these images was an amazingly powerful idea. Not just as an incredible gift to a special person privy to your most intimate secrets, but also, as it turns out, a hugely empowering experience for the model.

Something I had not fully considered or anticipated.

Confronting your own beauty and sexuality, whether playful or serious and capturing that in a bold visual statement (however private), has created many personal stories which make these portraits so rich and poignant.

It’s about expressing who we want to be and celebrating our own beauty, sexiness and differences.

What happened next…

BIS_0276I wanted to capture images of women who were at different stages in their life.   Who were curious, open to the experience and ready to celebrate their own sexy portrayal.

Some of those women were experiencing a landmark birthday, getting married,  confronting figure changing surgery, divorce, making a difference or supporting a charity – the list goes on…

The individual stories shared are entirely confidential,  but some people have been moved to want to share their experiences – with testimonials and agreeing to be featured in my blog.

Press coverage

The stories have led to considerable press interest in The Boudoir Portraits, including this feature in You Magazine (Mail on Sunday) by Liz Jones in October 2015.

Find out what happens at a boudoir portrait session and read the stories…

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